Artem Lobov “TUF is definitely something which appeals to me!”

Following the fallout of his proposed Lightweight Title fight at X Cage 7, SBG’s Artem Lobov didn’t waste any time in securing another bout. Lobov will compete on UXC Fight Night 3 against undefeated Irishman Tommy McCafferty.

The fight is scheduled for 2nd May but following our chat with Lobov there is a chance that he may be competing prior to the bout in The Ultimate Fighter try-outs on 29th March.

“TUF is definitely something which appeals to me. Being locked in house with guys who have no opportunity other than to fight me sounds like a dream. I think the format suits me really well as I never get emotional towards fights. I am interested but have to see how I go about it, paying for flights etc. Also need to weight up my chances of getting in. It wouldn’t be a cheap trip for me and I don’t want to waste my money, I at least have to have a bit of a chance to get noticed.”

TUF may be an area that Lobov explores to make his way to the UFC but given his coaches relationship with the promotion he has been lucky enough to have talks with UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby. But Lobov is prepared to live by the sword before he gets the shot which he feels he deserves.

“They literally just want me to fix my record. Sean Shelby has said he would give me a shot in UFC providing I had the right record. The first time I spoke to him he said to get to 10-6 and then the last time I spoke to him he said get to 15-10. But there is no way I could just pad my record and fight a bum. For me I value every experience and love fighting someone who wants to and knows how to win.”

While TUF seems like a potential avenue for Lobov there is a particular European card fast approaching which the SBG fighter has his eyes on, UFC Krakow.

“I think I have earned the reputation to fight people on short notice, I am that guy. And like most I won’t just put on a fight either, I will make it competitive. Whenever promotions have pull-outs I get messages, people know me and respect me.”

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