Arnold Allen – “If I don’t go somewhere in MMA I’ll have let a lot of people down”

If you have not heard of Arnold “Almighty” Allen then where the hell have you been hiding? The currently signed Cage Warriors Featherweight has been on a tear of the UKMMA scene since beginning his professional career in April 2012. Only once has he gone to the judges in his 6 fights to date and one of his most impressive victories come against the highly touted Nathan Greyson in his debut professional fight. Allen trains out of BKK Fighters with the likes of Jack Mason, Luke Barnatt, The Maguire brothers to name but a few.

Having picked up two wins under the UCMMA banner and one for UWC, he became a sure fire signing for Cage Warriors and has one three fights on the bounce for the promotion. His next bout has been announced to take part on the Cage Warriors Fight Night 11 show in Jordan on 18th April against Tobias Huber. With the Featherweight title now vacant following the departure of Jim Alers to the UFC, MMAnarchy caught up with Arnold to discuss taking a fight on short notice, how much pressure having an undefeated record holds and how competitive he is with his brother who is training for Strong Man competitions. Hope you enjoy;

TQ – Your next fight has been announced and you will be taking on Tobias “Thiago” Huber at Cage Warriors Fight Night 11 in Jordan. We are just over a week away from the fight so you probably have not had much time to dwell on your opponent. Does getting fights at late stages help in that respect?

AA – I knew for a while I was going to be fighting some point in April so I’m glad I finally got an opponent. I’m well prepared and I never really focus on my opponent I just want to keep bettering myself.

TQ – Aside from the obvious Sherdog check of his record, just how much do you know about your opponent Tobias Huber?

AA – I know he’s won a lot by submission so I automatically assume he’s going to try and get it to the floor, but I’m ready wherever the fight goes.

TQ – This will be your second overseas fight. Do you see that providing you with any additional worries as we approach fight week or is it water off a ducks back and does it help that your main coach Jack Mason is also fighting on the card?

AA – This is my second fight overseas as me and Jack Mason fought in Jordan last December. It definitely helps with a veteran like Jack as there is not much in MMA he hasn’t seen.

TQ – Picked up that you tweeted earlier today “Where you at food”. How is the weight just a week away and did the late notice of this fight cause any issues with reaching weight? Have you been able to cut weight in the normal way?

AA – I’m pretty lucky when it comes to the weight cut. I don’t have to starve myself to make weight which is great. And when it’s time I tell the excess weight to leave, I cut 6kg last time out but I’m already below that.

TQ – You have made the transition into the Cage Warriors promotion flawlessly and the extra exposure/bigger events have not seemed to faze you in the slightest. How much mental preparation do you do in the run up to a fight and what do you think has been the biggest driver behind you making a winning start for Cage Warriors?

AA – I’m always mentally preparing myself even when I haven’t got a fight I’m thinking what I want to do in the next one and what I want to achieve. I put it down to having a great team in which everyone is hungry to get to the top. Also if I don’t go somewhere within MMA I will have let a lot of people down haha.

TQ – Your professional record now sits at a wonderful 6-0. Does maintaining this undefeated streak play constantly on your mind or are you able to set it to one side and focus on the task at hand?

AA – My focus is always to stay undefeated and win the fight at hand. Being undefeated doesn’t play on my mind but I think having a loss on my record would! Lol

TQ – The Cage Warriors Featherweight division is wide open at present after former champ Jim Alers upped sticks and left for the UFC. Will this drive a different game plan going into this fight in an attempt to finish the fight in devastating fashion to keep your name fresh in the minds of Graham Boylan and the crew?

AA – I always want to put on entertaining fights and always try my best to finish in devastating fashion. After all it is entertainment and that’s what the majority of fans want to see.

TQ – Your father is a mixed martial artist and your brother is a strongman. Dam it must get competitive in your household? Do you feel that this has helped your competitive nature?

AA – Me and my brother have always been very competitive and we were both always into our martial arts when we were really young. I definitely think growing up with my brother has contributed to how well I’m doing right now.

TQ – It’s a known fact that a fighters in the UK struggle to get by on their pay checks alone. Just how hard is it maintaining a living whilst training full time as a martial artist on the UK scene? How important is it to have supportive sponsors behind you?

AA – It would be great if fighters in the UK got paid more but we all know what were getting paid before the fight, so it’s not worth complaining. Most fighters get by on private lessons and teaching classes, which is what I do. Without sponsors, friends and family I would definitely not be able to train as well as I can right now.

TQ – Finally as always anyone you would like to thank or mention?

AA – I’d like to thank all of my coaches for sharing their wisdom and secrets with me.

Thanks Jack Mason, Lee Catling, Big Russ, William Wayland, Stuart Barlegss and sorry to anyone I missed!

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