ACB 70: Ones to Watch – Gavin Serritt vs Danny Tombs

After turning his back on a short stint of crime Danny Tombs has proven that he he can hang with pro boxers and now turns his attention to MMA. He’ll face a baptism by fire when he meets Bellator vet Gavin Sterritt who is no stranger to the stand up game himself.

Tombs will enter the cage with one win to his name and this, on the face of it will be a walk in the park for Sterritt, I stress heavily the word ‘should’ Tombs is a game fighter used to live rounds and slugging it out will be the definate order of the day here. He’s riding a three fight wining streak as a boxer with seven wins overall in his ten fight record and only two defeats. Expect heavy hands from the opening stanza.

Sterritt, the Bellator vet, will undoubtably look to shake off all memories of his last outing where he was submitted via rear naked choke by Martin Stapleton. His six wins two loss record makes him a good match up in terms of styles regardless of his opponents MMA pedigree when you take into account he is as vicious in the striking depratment as he is on the ground.

I favour Sterritt to get this done making lightwork of Tombs if he survives the barrage of punches that will be reigning down on him in the first round. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sterritt drags Tombs into deep water late in the second or early in the third to end the fight in a submission of some kind. This is one to watch purely from the point of view that on paper it appears clear cut but in actuality given the skill set of both men this is an intriguing match up to say the least.

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